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Contract Options

In today’s construction market, an Owner has many Contract Delivery System options. Every client has a unique project that has its own special requirements. D’Angelo Construction Corp. offers several methods of contracting in order to accommodate the uniqueness of these special requirements for every project. D’Angelo Construction Corp. works closely with the client to determine what type of contracting method will best suit their needs and what method will assure their success; efficiently, timely and economically

 Design Build

This method of contracting allows D’Angelo Construction Corp to provide the client with single-point of project responsibility. D’Angelo Construction Corp forms a team with an Architectural / Engineering firm that is best suited for the requirements of the project.

The benefits of this method are:
    • reduction of Client’s time allowing them to focus on their primary business
    • control over construction methods and materials
    • earlier involvement of subcontractors which ultimately contributes to...
    • control over project costs
    • and earlier project completion

 General Contracting

This method of contracting allows our clients who have their own internal facility management or property management to control the Architectural / Engineering design of their project. Furthermore, this allows our clients to have their project competitively bid. Once selected as the successful bidder, D’Angelo Construction Corp provides its management team and contracts directly with its sub-contractors to perform work to the specifications of the contract documents.

The type of contracts typically used in this method are:
    • Cost Plus Fee
    • Lump Sum or...
    • Negotiated Fee.

 Construction Management

This method of contracting allows the project to be completed by a team of professionals that consists of:
    • the Owner
    • an Architectural / Engineering Design Firm, and...
    • the Contractor (CM)

D’Angelo Construction Corp will perform as the owner’s agent in the pre-construction phase, and during the construction phase, which includes project management and onsite supervision.